Linda K. Creech

"My journey to healing is ongoing, but for the first time in my life I have experienced hope and joy on a daily basis. Through Linda K.’s help and guidance my marriage is stronger, my leadership abilities more consistent, and my relationship with God much stronger. I highly recommend her for individual, marital, or family counseling."

— Chris E.


"Linda K. Creech is the best thing that happened to our marriage! During the darkest time in our marriage, she pointed us to the Light, which is Jesus Christ. She then built upon the Bible by listening with compassion for both sides. She helped us become active in the healing of our marriage, when it didn't seem possible in the beginning. She makes sure she is available when you need her. If anyone is at a point in their marriage where there is no hope, but there is still a desire to make it work, then please see Linda K. Creech."

— T&C


"Counseling with Linda K. was an integral part of saving our marriage. Her expertise and guidance helped us identify our destructive patterns and form a closer bond and a new and healthy way to communicate. Reaching out for help is hard but it is one of the best decisions we've ever made."

— L&E